There has been a lot of talk about numbers lately, in the TSSN discord, in other discords I am a part of, and on Twitter. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I would like to remind everyone that I am no expert. My opinions below are based on observations from the 3-4 years I have been around the business and advice I have received from bigger names.

Now that that is out of the way, we can get on with what I would actually like to discuss: numbers. Numbers seem to be the most focused on aspect of entertainers trying to ‘get big’. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not naive enough to think that the numbers don’t matter. Quite the contrary. I am well aware of the fact that the numbers do matter, that the numbers are what we monitor to track our growth and revenues. On our path to ‘greatness’ we use those numbers to monitor how ‘popular’ we are. The following numbers, current viewers, average donators/donations, it goes on and on and on… The problem with monitoring these numbers constantly is we get caught up in the ‘big picture’ or the end goal. We lose track of the daily successes, the little victories. People forget that, yes, they lost 3 followers, but they had gained 5 that day. That still means you gained 2 followers. While 2 may not seem like much, it is still a POSITIVE gain.

Now, say you lost a total of 10 followers even after calculating in your gains for the day. Let’s take a moment to look back over the week. Add up your gains/losses for the week. Did you still come out on top? If so, great! Remember, even the big guys have bad days/weeks/months even. Viewers can be fickle things. They come and go like the seasons. We have to keep in mind that everyone goes through slumps, and that as long as we do not let it get to us, we can get through it. One of the issues with letting the numbers get to you, is that it shows on cast. The viewers can ‘feel’ your bad mood, they pick up on it and when you’re in a bad mood because of your numbers, you’re not putting out your 110%. Sometimes it is better to take a day to pull yourself together than to get on screen when you’re feeling doubtful about yourself.

Now, let’s say your numbers are dropping, even taking into consideration of the larger scale like a week or month. Has something changed in your cast recently? Say a schedule change, or something in your real life affecting your mood. Maybe even school just started again so you’ve got less viewers now. Some of these things we can work towards trying to fix, and other things either cause more issues by trying to fix or are not worth it. For example: school just started back up again so your numbers are hurting. You could change to a later casting time to catch them after school, but that means you abandon the rest of your viewership and could sustain even more damage. You’re not showing loyalty to your viewership, and there are also the weekends. Another example: another streamer starts an event that is drawing extra attention/viewers away, or maybe moved to your time-slot recently and started attracting viewers you normally have. The event situation will pass, they always do. As for the new streamer in your time-slot, there isn’t much you can do about this. Streaming is growing more popular by the day. New casters will come and go. Don’t change what you do because of them. Stay loyal to the viewers that stayed and keep pushing forward, it will pay off.

Those viewers that have stayed with you through the ups and downs, those are the numbers that matter. Make sure you involve them. Get to know them, make them feel the appreciation for their loyalty. Remember, they are taking time out of their lives to be there for your streams however often those may be. That is huge. The more you involve your loyal viewers, the more it will pay off. They will help spread the word by tweeting you out, talking with friends, etc. When newcomers see how close you are to your loyal viewers, they will respect you more. It shows you care about more than just numbers and profits.

Another thing we can touch on is that not all of your losses are bad things. Sometimes losses come from the websites purging bot accounts, spammers, ToS violators… And the people that are unfollowing you without being forced to, really, are most likely following you for the wrong reasons. They are either looking for a follow back to increase their own numbers, or they followed you just to qualify for a giveaway or some other shallow reason. These are not the people that matter nor do you really need to keep them around.

Loyalty, dependability, regular scheduling: these are some qualities you should be making sure you are upholding in your casts and for your viewers. These traits will help you keep pushing forward towards success. As long as you keep showing loyalty, and you aren’t allowing the numbers rule you, you will be on the road to success.

Keep. Pushing. Forward.

-MindlessPuppetz of TSSN