Change is inevitable. There is no stopping it. Sometimes we can slow it, or ignore it, but that is all we can do. TSSN is no exception to this…

Over the last six months, to a year, TSSN has changed into something that I never expect, and even fought against. I originally set out to make a community for those who didn’t fit anywhere else, really. The outcasts, misfits, rejects, if you will. At it worked for awhile. TSSN thrived. We were well known for having a lot of people (for a smaller community) in TS, for holding games open to viewers, friends, casters alike. People wanted to be around us, to play games with us. They had fun, they felt safe, and everything was great.

Unfortunately, this didn’t last forever. My membership system seemed to slowly expand beyond members and spread into just the guests. To become a member, you had to be unanimously voted in by the core council. This worked at first. But then the members started becoming so picky about who was voted in, that I became afraid we would never find a new recruit again. This is a problem. This group means everything to me, and for me to see this happen, to see it slowly stagnating and dying… I had to make some changes. At first I tried bringing these issues up to the members, but that did not get me anywhere. They didn’t see my point of view, or didn’t think it was as bad as I was trying to portray. So next I instituted a new membership system. This new system involved still bringing names up to the group, but only requiring two core members to vote yet. These members would become the sponsors of the new recruit, and they would have to go through a probationary period. Boom. Two new recruits were enlisted.

Now, the above only helps partially with membership. One of the other things plaguing the group was seclusion. Our TeamSpeak had grown. We had other groups sharing the TS with us. Quite a few developers using it for projects. Because of them needing concentration while they worked on their projects together, private channels were created. When inside of these channels, no one could see that there was anyone even there. Hidden membership, along with permissions in place to keep unwanted’s out. It was fine at first, but then other users started using these channels to hide away in. The lobbies started to become ghost towns. I had many complaints of people being in lobbies, waiting for others to join, only to see others join and immediately get pulled to these private channels. And 90% of the time the channels were not being used for private matters, coding, etc. They were just being used as normal lobbies, but hidden.

As you can imagine, this does not provide an open, friendly atmosphere for our friends, fellow streamers, etc who are trying to interact with us. So, in the spirit of trying to keep the group from these bad habits, and knowing that the TS we shared was hosted by someone else, and we cannot force those other groups to change their ways or channels, I decided to host my own TS server for TSSN again. Doing so allows me full control over all channels in the TS. I was able to do away with the hidden channels without affecting the devs who they were originally intended for in the first place.

As some of you may know, or have experienced, some people just do not do well with change. They get into their habits, their routines, and stay there. The changes that I have been making recently to attempt to save TSSN have not been met well by some of the members. I am being seen as an asshole who is destroying everything. While I can definitely be an asshole at times ( you will never hear me deny that ), this has not been the case. I am simply tired of standing by watching what I have put so much time and effort into die. Some of the dead weight has been removed, and others have stepped down due to not being able to handle the changes. While it is very sad to see these members go, I must keep pushing forward to try and restore this group to it’s original purpose.

All of that being said, I will now get into some of the changes coming to TSSN.

I want to say farewell to Siggy (@hixfd398), Squeaker (@Im_Squeaker), and DedRabbits (@DedRabbits). You will all be missed and I greatly enjoyed having you all as part of this wonderful adventure. <3

I have already stated the changes we made to our TeamSpeak, so there is no need to get into that again.

The website, slack, and twitter have all been updated to reflect these changes to memberships. If you wish to still keep up with the past members, their twitter handles are above.

We are going to be instituting ‘Social Saturdays’, starting tomorrow! Social Saturdays are going to be game days where we try to do our very best to include our friends, viewers, and fellow streamers in some gaming. This could be anything from Cards Against Humanity, to Battleblock Theater. We want to bring back that feeling of being included in our community again. I hope to see some of you there!

There is also some stuff changing in how we handle memberships for TSSN. I will not provide those details just yet, as infrastructure and other stuff needs to be put into place first. When it is done, there will be another blog post on it, and Twitter announcements about it, so keep your eyes peeled here or on our twitter (@Twisted_Sin).

Thank you all so much for this incredible journey so far. We may be wounded, but we are far from dead!

Owner/Creator of TSSN